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Tuesday, May 07, 2019
By Carmela
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A trend that is steadily gaining in the list of special moments of a child’s first year. Moments that need an experienced professional photographer to capture the wide variety of emotions. Here at Carmela Caracappa Photography we also provide you with information on how to prepare yourself and the baby for a cake smash session, along with tips and tricks to make the most out of this unique experience.  


  • A baby may be allergic to wheat, egg, refined sugar among other things. For this reason I always ask parents to bring the cake.

  • I highly suggest a professionally made cake; they photograph much better. No need for a three layer cake, a 5-6 inch to a medium cake is ideal. I have always had beautiful and easy to smash cakes. Colors: pink, blue, yellow, light green and white (with sprinkles or other details) or naked cakes photograph well. Avoid chocolate cake or red frosting. 

  • Want lot’s of smashing during the session? Go for butter cream frosting so it's easy to dig into. (NO MERENGUE!)

  • Want a simple cake smash? No mess? Choose a fondant cake for simply baby posing next to a cake photos.


Two reactions can be expected from the baby with the cake:

  • Hates it and turns to a sobbing mess when feeling hands sticky

  • Loves it, woofs it down and turns into a sobbing mess when you take it away

Remember the baby is just a one year old, and is often shy of exploring new texture, shape or taste. Especially when surrounded by adults making funny noises to make them look and smile. I suggest that parents practice at home before the session with a cupcake. Icing on the top preferably the same colors, and a similar environment, everyone sits on the floor. This isn't a foolproof solution but it has given me good results. Also, a smaller portion may help uncover any allergies not known to parents earlier. 


Never start a cake smash session without a clean up plan. Clients are welcome to give the baby a bath in the studio. We will need to know a few days before session if you will be adding a milk bath or bubble bath to your session.



At the beginning of the session, I will place the baby on the scene. This gives us a chance to capture some "clean baby" photos as well as getting them used to their surrounding before the fun begins. I will also get a photo of the cake before the action starts, as the little details should be captured too. 


  • Let the cake sit out for a bit so it's not hard from the fridge.

  • Come ready to be part of the session! Ask me for outfit recommendations and jump into the photos with your little one.


  • It's important to know the outfit ahead of time so that the backdrop and props can be coordinated with the look being pursued. I highly recommend to keep it simple and classic. My personal style preference is simple with a splash of color. I love babies with lots of adorable skin showing. Think happy birthday hat and diaper cover, or bow tie and suspenders... for girls rompers are ideal.

  • If you are looking to purchase a simple outfit for your session, I highly recommend to shop "cake-smash outfit" online

  • You could so easily go overboard with props, outfits. KEEP IT SIMPLE. My favorite smashes have been just about the baby and the cake… if you would like to add some more props it can simply be a banner or garland and a few balloons. The one item that is a must it a cake topper.

  • When choosing a theme, I recommend to keep it classic and timeless… like flowers, stars, or just a splash of color.

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