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Wednesday, August 28, 2019
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A Guide To Maternity Photos

Pregnancy is a very special period, and many women miss out on having a keepsake of the moment by not having maternity photos done. There are many benefits to having maternity photos done for both pregnant women and their families. Photos serve as a memento of the pregnancy and can be shown to family, friends, and eventually the new child as he or she grows up.

Besides being a keepsake of such a memorable event, maternity photos can also help relieve the stress and anxieties that many pregnant women face. Pregnancy can be a tumultuous time, with hormones off balance, uncertainties, and body changes that can  be emotionally draining. Many pregnant women find that the weight they have gained (in addition to other body changes) makes them feel less pretty and less sexy, which can lead to less confidence and more stress. Carmela Caracappa Photography can alleviate this by producing photos that show just how beautiful and magical a pregnancy really is.




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